Don’t cry for me, guys.

I am a city person. While I enjoy a walk along the beach or through a botanic garden, I prefer exploring towns and cities. My husband and oldest son love the outdoors, camping, and living among nature. My idea of camping is a cheap hotel.

So every summer when my husband’s family vacations in the north woods, I stay home while my husband and sons join them in their musty, not-large-enough cabin for a week of outdoor adventures, slimy lake water, and bugs.

The week alone in my house has become treasured vacation time. Women get this; men do not. Over 15 or so years, I’ve heard a similar reaction from every single woman I’ve told about my “home alone” vacation:

“I’m so jealous.”
“I would kill to have my house to myself for a week.”
“Oh my God, you are so lucky.”
“How did you swing that?”

Men, on the other hand, all respond with some version of:

“Wow, aren’t you lonely?”

When I share the mens’ reaction with women they laugh. Hard. And often add, “NO I am not!”

I’m not sure why women enjoy time to themselves more than men do. I suspect one reason is that women who are moms get little time off when they are with their children. Many a mom has complained of spending family vacation time doing laundry, cleaning up, and sourcing meals. Not being responsible for anyone else’s needs becomes a rare treat, whether we are at home or on a beach. I love visiting beautiful places and spending time with friends and family, but staying home with just my own books, to-do lists, projects, and food to deal with is its own kind of bliss.

So don’t worry about me, guys. And fellow moms, don’t hate me because I have a week of peace. Especially since I’ll spend most of it finishing projects, working, and getting organized, until everyone comes home and our house and my life return to their normal state of chaos. At least my husband will do the musty, dirty, buggy laundry.

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