Some helpful info for Illinois voters

Capitol Fax (and the Dem Governors Assoc) with some info on Rauner and his condescension toward voters. I actually watched several minutes of his speech starting where they suggest (the 44:45 min mark), and found many more of his statements prettey outrageous, including points he makes about both Romney and himself.

* The Democratic Governors Association is trying to gin up the animosity toward Rauner…

As Chairman of GTCR, Bruce Rauner was a central figure in the formation of ConvergEx. As news breaks that ConvergEx’s CEO will be added to the list of Rauner’s indicted business associates – Rauner is again trying to distance himself from the CEO and the company he formed.

The truth is the that GTCR’s investment model includes picking company managers and management strategies. But Bruce Rauner is banking on the fact that you won’t understand how he made this money through private equity.

Rauner actually said, “Your average voter will never understand what private equity is and I’m not going to try to explain it too much. They’re not going to know.”

and there’s this as well:

rauner vs marriage equality





rauner against marriage equality

rauner against marriage equality

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